David van Zuilekom

David van Zuilekom

David van Zuilekom

Worship Pastor

Proverbs 4:18--The Path of the Righteous is like the rising sun; it grows brighter and brighter until the Perfect Day!


FULL NAME: David van Zuilekom

FAMILY: Married to Maaike

BIRTHDAY: October 15th

STRENGTHS: Positive attitude, encourager and thinking in creative solutions and innovations.

FAVORITE QUOTE: Don’t settle for less, with God there’s always more.

MOST ADMIRE: There is, of course, only one correct answer to this: my beautiful wife ;)

WHEN I HAVE AN HOUR OF FREE TIME I LIKE TO: Maintain a free hour of time!

FAVORITE MOVIE AND/OR TV SHOW: I really like survivalist shows.

FAVORITE HOBBY: Taking road trips and going on adventures.

FAVORITE RESTAURANT: Love ‘hole in the wall’ type places

FAVORITE FOOD/TREAT: An Indonesian/Dutch dish called ‘Satay’ and Lasanga.

INTROVERTED OR EXTROVERTED: Extroverted when I’m among people, but definitely recharge in alone time